At Hollow’s eve


One would like to think that a busy being like him would have so much to do that it would be almost impossible to grow bored. An innocent mistake, because he was. Undeniable bored. But Thanatos had more important things to worry than his boredom, even if it does almost overwhelm him.

For example, the little war in that pet world of Hecate was giving him a headache. This wizard war led to too many encounters with his sisters for his like, but he couldn’t evade it, he had to be there to take the souls of the magical humans whose strings have been cut by the Fates.

It wouldn’t be so annoying at the moment if only the mortals wouldn’t make the Hollow’s Eve the epitome of Darkness und Evil in a day. But the men are foolish, and it isn’t like he cares about it. He was there, minding his own business when he saw her. A tiny little thing in the middle of the forest, alone and so defeated. It was almost poetic in a tragic way if it wasn’t so uncommon to see abandoned infants in the woods in this era.
The times when humans chose to leave their offspring behind in the forest were gone. At least he thought so.

Usually, he would continue his rounds without concerning himself with the baby, but something made him stay and look closer. What he notices first and foremost is an uncontrollable mass of dark hair at the top of a cherubic face then little gems for eyes and the tears. But what made him stay was the tingling he got when the child looked his way and stopped crying. The feeling of a destiny that’s starting to unfold. A bell-like giggle reached his ears; he noticed how the toddler try to stand up and come to him.

Something so interesting hasn’t happened in so long. It feels like an opportunity to put his boredom to rest has come. Maybe would be in his best interest if he keeps an eye in this little mortal. After all, it’s not every Hallows Eve that somebody greets deaths so sweetly and sincerely.




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